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No one prefers disability benefits to being able to work. But life deals the card of disability to many of us. When that happens, qualifying for benefits should not be a painful ordeal. If you worked and are now injured or sick, you are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Attorney Joe Nugent of Hobart can guide you toward successful qualification.

Joe Nugent knows how the Social Security Disability system works, and why claims are denied. His motto: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Disabled persons get discouraged when they are turned down. Joe says, Don’t be discouraged. If you are turned down at the initial application or during the appeal, he knows that your chances improve as you go along.

Assisting People With Every Kind Of Serious Disability

Joe has helped persons dealing with these and many other disabling conditions:

Spine and neck problems

Blindness/vision problems

Respiratory conditions

Rheumatoid arthritis

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

Bipolar disorder

Heart conditions





Multiple sclerosis

Persistent, Successful Michigan City SSD And SSI Attorney

Some disability benefits law offices are “mills.” You can identify them by the size of their ads. They take on lots of clients, give them a one-size-fits-all, and it’s too bad if your case falls through the cracks.

At Joseph Nugent, Attorney at law, we follow the old-fashioned approach. We meet with you, listen to your story, then strategize a way to obtain your benefits. If your medical records are unpersuasive, we work with providers until your records reflect the seriousness of your injury or illness. If we apply for benefits and are turned down, we keep going back until the benefits that you paid into over the years are yours.

Disability Lawyer Serving Gary · Merrillville · Portage · Valparaiso

Joe Nugent has one other attribute most benefits lawyers don’t have. He himself has a serious condition, multiple sclerosis. He knows the anxiety and frustration people experience when they can’t work. This experience makes him an empathic high-energy, never-say-die advocate for your interests.

We Can Also Help You Obtain Supplemental Security Income

We have helped many discouraged applicants across Northwest Indiana to win the SSI and SSD benefits they need. We can help you, too. Call Northwest Indiana Social Security Disability attorney Joe Nugent at 219-945-9766, toll free 888-393-2475. Or describe your situation using this online form.