Hobart Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer

It is the most frustrating feeling in the world. You’ve paid in to Social Security all your working life, assuming it would be there if you ever needed help. Now you are seriously disabled, in bad financial straits and requesting the SSD benefits you have coming to you, and Social Security says to you, “No, you’re fine.”

The Disability Obstacle Course: What Can You Do?

Many try to go it alone. How hard can it be to fill out a few forms and forward some medical records? But they find themselves blocked at every step, without being told what was wrong exactly with the application.

Or, you call the first SSD/SSI lawyer you see in the phone book or on TV, the one with the loudest ads. They are a benefits mill, and they are happy to have your business, along with hundreds of other people’s. But you may never see your lawyer until hearing time, and your paperwork will be handled by non-lawyers. To them you’re just a case number and a commission, if you happen to win benefits.

Your Best Option: Joe Nugent At 219-945-9766

Your best option is to work with an actual, caring lawyer, not a disability benefits mill. The office of Joseph Nugent, Attorney at Law, understands the concerns of disabled people in Northwest Indiana because Joe Nugent has a disabling condition himself.

We represent honest people with legitimate problems to obtain the benefits they need to go forward. We preach persistence to you, because we are confident you will win your benefits. When you get discouraged, we will still be fighting for your interests.

Michigan City Denied Benefits Attorney

In these pages we will answer some of the most pressing questions you have about Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits. We invite you to read on, and to call Joe Nugent at 219-945-9766 with additional questions:

Have you been denied SSD or SSI benefits? Don’t give up. Call Northwest Indiana Social Security Disability benefits attorney Joe Nugent of Hobart at 219-945-9766 or write to him using this online form.