Hobart Family Benefits Attorney

The best time to apply for benefits for family members is when you apply for benefits for yourself. That way, the moment you become eligible for support, your family will, too. This is especially important for families with young children.

Northwest Indiana Spousal SSD Benefits Lawyer

The benefits family members receive are based on your record of earnings, paying into Social Security. These relations members may be supported by SSD benefits:

  • Your spouse if he or she is 62 or older, or has been caring for a child under 16. Spouses can collect up to one half of the monthly benefit that you receive.
  • Your ex-spouse, if you are divorced but were together for 10 or more years.
  • Your children. They must be under 18, and unmarried. Children can collect up to one half of the monthly benefit that you receive.
  • Your adult children. They must either be in school, not including college, and under 19, or they must be disabled themselves, from a condition which started before age 22.
  • Your grandchildren and step-grandchildren. The child’s parents must be deceased or disabled, and the child must have begun living with you before age 18. Plus other conditions.
  • Your parents, if you have died and they were dependent on you. There are other conditions as well.

Joseph Nugent, Experienced Michigan City SSD/SSI Attorney

The rules governing family eligibility are complicated, and you will need to talk to an experienced disabilities benefits lawyer like Joe Nugent to be certain you qualify.

Family members may also be eligible for SSD benefits. For more information, call Hobart family benefits lawyer Joe Nugent at 219-945-9766, or drop us a line using this online form.