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What happens when the person receiving disability payments dies?

It depends on whether the person in question was receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSD benefits may be redirected to one’s spouse, children, or even elderly, dependent parents, at which point they are called survivors’ benefits. SSI benefits, because they are not based on earnings during the recipient’s work life, are not extended to surviving family members.

There are many rules relating to survivors’ benefits, which we can discuss when you visit us, but we will list some key ones here.

If your spouse was receiving SSDI benefits and dies, you may be eligible to receive widow’s or widower’s benefits. There are many rules about who is eligible and what portion of the original benefit amount they can receive.

It sometimes happens that a widow or widower’s calculated benefits actually exceed the benefits their spouse was receiving.

If a widow or widower is caring for a child of the deceased who is under age 16, the benefits to the widow or widower stop when that child reaches age 16.

If you earn money while collecting a widow’s or widower’s benefit, your benefits may be decreased, depending on your age and how much you are earning.

Ex-husbands and ex-wives can receive benefits based on their deceased ex-spouses earning’s record, if they meet eligibility and payment rules.

Children under 18 may qualify for SSI disability benefits if their parents’ income does not exceed the low income standard.

An adult disabled child may qualify for SSD based either on your earnings or the earnings of a deceased parent.

Grandchildren and step-grandchildren may receive survivor benefits if certain requirements are met.

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