Hobart Lawyer Challenging SSD And SSI Benefit Denials

“Why Was My Claim Denied?”

Your claim for benefits was denied because the system is designed to say no initially. Perhaps understandably, Social Security does not want to make benefits too easy to obtain. The system wants you to be discouraged and to go away.

The problem is, denial of claims has little effect on people who are gaming the system with frivolous claims. They know they have to keep applying. The people who are truly discouraged by claim denials are usually people like yourself who need benefits — decent, qualified applicants who think, “Oh, I must not be eligible,” and go away.

Reasons For Denial Of SSD And SSI Claims

A large percentage of first-time applications for SSD and SSI are turned down, usually for one of these reasons:

  • Your income is too high
  • You haven’t paid enough into Social Security to qualify
  • Your background information is not complete
  • You are missing key medical records

Denied Benefits In Merrillville Or Valparaiso? Call SSD/SSI Attorney Joe Nugent.

It is important to understand that none of these reasons are final. Joseph Nugent, Attorney at Law, steps in at any stage in the application process and methodically fixes your application. We understand the process. We understand what kinds of information will meet Social Security’s requirements. We have the knowledge of the system and the persistence to work with you until you obtain the answer you need.

Joe Nugent, Michigan City Claim Denial Attorney

As an SSD/SSI benefits lawyer serving disabled people of northwest Indiana, Joe Nugent is committed to giving qualified applicants the help they need to obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.

Whether you are just starting the application process, or have already had your initial claim denied, call Joe Nugent and describe your situation. We are not a disability benefits “mill” like some firms. We know what disability is like, and how frustrating this process is. If your chances are poor, we will tell you so. But we have helped many discouraged applicants to win the benefits they need.

Do you understand why your SSD claim was refused? Call Hobart denied SSI and SSDI benefits attorney Joe Nugent at 219-945-9766, toll free 888-393-2475. Or describe your situation using this online form.