Hobart Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney

The big question on everyone’s mind: How much will I receive in Social Security Disability benefits?

The answer is that every case is different. What you receive may be very different from what your friends and relatives receive. The reason is that SSD is basically an insurance program, funded by payments you make when earning a paycheck.

The Social Security Administration averages the monthly income you earned over the most lucrative 35 years of your work life — or over less time if you didn’t work 35 full years. Basically, people who earned more receive higher disability payments.

Other factors decrease the amount you will receive. Workers’ compensation payments are likely to decrease the amount you receive. This is usually true of pensions and public disability benefits you may receive.

Disability Benefits Based On Another’s Work History

You may also base your SSD claim on the work history of a spouse or former spouse, if your own work record is sparse. Likewise, children and adults who become disabled before they reached age 22 may also be eligible for benefits based on the work record of a parent.

Joseph Nugent, Valparaiso And Michigan City SSDI Lawyer

Social Security rules and requirements are a tangle. Only a skilled and experienced benefits lawyer can untangle them. But Joe Nugent‘s representation goes beyond deciphering the law. We will stick with you even after winning your case to make sure the checks are coming on time and on a reliable basis.

To get a better idea what your benefit package will look like, and to better understand your chances, call Joe Nugent and schedule a no-charge consultation at his offices in Hobart and Michigan City, Indiana.

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